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My Visionary Wear

Once the heart is open to receiving love without shutting down, we are free to make the journey toward higher self-awareness.  We gain trust in our own thoughts, feelings, and actions as we become the best version of ourselves. The wearer is invited to remain steadfast when tested by the outside world.

  • African TurquoiseAwakens Inner Purpose, Opens the Mind to New Possibilities and Change, Positive Change and Transformation
  • Hematite - Stimulates the Mind, Enhances Memory and Deep Thought
  • Lava Rock - Stabilizes and Calms
  • Onyx - Self Control, Energy, and Focus
  • Titanium Rings - Balances Electromagnetic Energy
  • Sterling Silver - Spiritual Healing and Protection


*Disclaimer: Hematite has naturally occurring magnetic properties. Do not place directly on pacemakers.





 In order to get the best fit for your wrist, the following procedure is recommended:

  1. Use a piece of string or other flexible item to go around your arm or wrist snugly.
  2. Stretch this length out on a ruler.
  3. Add 1in for a comfortable loose fit that sits on the top of your hand.