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Experience the Lunar Frost Mala and Wristwear Set, a divine creation inspired by the mystical energy of Mt. Kailash and the enchanting glow of the Pink Super Moon. Each bead is carefully hand-selected and infused with the celestial power of renewal, transformation, and spiritual growth. This sacred set is designed to guide you on your journey towards enlightenment and self-discovery, connecting you to the nurturing energy of the Earth and the divine essence within.

The Lunar Frost Mala Set features a harmonious blend of seven extraordinary gemstones, each chosen for their unique qualities that resonate with the spirit of Mt. Kailash and the Pink Super Moon


PINK BOTSWANA AGATE - Grounding and stabilizing, connecting you to the nurturing energy of the Earth.

SIBERIAN MOONSTONE -Amplifying intuition and connecting you to the divine feminine, mirroring the energy of the full moon

HEMATOID QUARTZ - Balancing and harmonizing the emotional and physical aspects of your being, promoting clarity of thought

STRAWBERRY QUARTZ Attracting love and opening the heart, allowing the beauty and essence of your soul to flourish

KUNZITE Enhancing spiritual growth and deepening the connection between the heart and the divine

LARKIVITE Protecting and strengthening the aura, keeping your energy grounded and focused

LABRADORITE CRYSTAL Encouraging inner transformation and helping you put ideas into action to manifest your dreams

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