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Experience the Lunar Frost Mala and Wristwear Set, a divine creation inspired by the mystical energy of Mt. Kailash and the enchanting glow of the Pink Super Moon. Each bead is carefully hand-selected and infused with the celestial power of renewal, transformation, and spiritual growth. This sacred set is designed to guide you on your journey towards enlightenment and self-discovery, connecting you to the nurturing energy of the Earth and the divine essence within.

The Lunar Frost Mala Set features a harmonious blend of seven extraordinary gemstones, each chosen for their unique qualities that resonate with the spirit of Mt. Kailash and the Pink Super Moon

Bead Properties:

  • PINK BOTSWANA AGATE - Grounding and stabilizing, connecting you to the nurturing energy of the Earth.
  • SIBERIAN MOONSTONE -Amplifying intuition and connecting you to the divine feminine, mirroring the energy of the full moon
  • HEMATOID QUARTZ - Balancing and harmonizing the emotional and physical aspects of your being, promoting clarity of thought
  • STRAWBERRY QUARTZ Attracting love and opening the heart, allowing the beauty and essence of your soul to flourish
  • KUNZITE Enhancing spiritual growth and deepening the connection between the heart and the divine
  • LARKIVITE Protecting and strengthening the aura, keeping your energy grounded and focused
  • LABRADORITE CRYSTAL Encouraging inner transformation and helping you put ideas into action to manifest your dreams
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