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Embrace the mystic beauty of the desert with our Desert Essence Mala, crafted to elevate your spirit and bring balance to your life.

Bead Properties:
  • Wonderstone: Enhance your creativity and soothe your mind.
  • Peach Aventurine: Attract luck and boost your confidence.
  • Leopardskin Jasper: Connect with your inner strength and resilience.
  • Sonoran Rhyolite: Inspire change and personal growth.
  • Desert Rose Jasper: Promote calm and relaxation.
  • Garnet: Energize and revitalize your soul.
  • Quartz Guru Bead: Amplify your intentions and clarity
Let the Desert Essence Mala be your guide through the vastness of the desert, reminding you of your inner strength and beauty.
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