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Mana Moonstone Vision Mala: Your Maui-Charged Beacon of Intentions


Embark on a transformative journey with our Mana Moonstone Vision Mala, a symbol of spiritual empowerment and clarity, hand-carried from the mystical shores of Maui and energized under the luminous pink supermoon.

Mana Moonstone Vision Mala: This mala is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a vessel of "Mana," the Hawaiian spiritual force. Infused with the energy of Maui's sacred land and the pink supermoon, it's designed to amplify your intentions and elevate your vibrational frequency.


Bead Properties:

  • Impression Jasper: Imbued with the spirit of tranquility and encouragement, each bead of Impression Jasper in this mala resonates with peace and strength, reflecting the serene beauty and resilience of Maui's landscapes.
  • Amazonite: Channeling the essence of hope and manifestation, our Amazonite beads serve as a reminder of Maui's endless sky and deep waters. They offer a protective shield against EMF sensitivity, fostering a spirit of hope and the manifestation of dreams.
  • Carnelian: Like the fiery Hawaiian sunsets, Carnelian ignites creativity, motivation, and confidence. This stone energizes your passions and emboldens your spirit, embodying the vibrant energy of Maui.
  • Hemimorphite: Each Hemimorphite bead is a nod to Maui's diverse ecosystem, aiding in personal development and empowering you to create your own reality, much like the island's dynamic and evolving nature.
  • Siberian Moonstone: Reflecting the mystical Maui nights, Siberian Moonstone enhances inner awareness, intuition, and dreams. Its gentle glow mirrors the light of the supermoon, guiding you through the realms of intuition and dreams.

The Mana Moonstone Vision Mala is your companion in aligning with higher frequencies, clearing out the noise, and focusing on your true purpose. Whether in meditation or daily wear, let it be a constant reminder of your connection to the powerful energies of Maui and the supermoon. Embrace the visionary within, and let your dreams not just take flight, but soar.

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