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Embrace the mystique and leisure of Hawaii with our "Gods at Play Maui Mala." Named after the spirited Maui, this mala channels celestial energy, strength, and creativity—qualities of the Hawaiian demigod himself. Perfect for those who love mythology, nature, and the thrill of adventure. Let it inspire joy and creativity in your everyday life, connecting you with the divine playfulness of the gods.

  • Yellow Jade - Energetic, Joy, Interconnectedness
  • Sandalwood - cooling and soothing, directing one’s attention toward the divine realms.
  • Tibetan Agate -  Spiritual Healing, Cleansing, Strength, Courage, Power
  • Bronzite -  Harmony, Compassion, Forgiveness

This happy joyful mala was hand carried to Maui to bask in the energy of the Pink Supermoon! 

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