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The Journey's Amulet Mala and Energy Wristwear Set

Experience the enchantment of nature's wisdom with the Journey's Amulet Mala, a spiritual talisman meticulously crafted for personal growth, balance, and inner discovery. This divine piece features Aventurine, a vibrant stone symbolizing new beginnings; Phantom Amethyst, an emblem of spiritual growth and protection; and Rock Quartz, a beacon of clarity and amplification. Fluorite Nuggets and beads contribute harmony and stability, while Gold rings represent life's radiant, unbroken circle. Finally, our Carved Wooden Beads provide an earthy connection and resilience. Each bead in this mala carries its unique story, waiting to resonate with your personal journey and guide you towards your higher self.

Bead Properties

  • Adventurine Heart Based Stones: Boost Prosperity
  • Phantom Amethyst Ascension, Healing, Spiritual Growth
  • Rock QuartzStrong Amplification Properties
  • Green Fluorite Mental Stimulation & Clear Thinking
  • Purple Fluorite - Opens Direct Access To Spirit, Stimulates Your Intellect
  • Gold rings
  • Carved Wooden Beads
  • Rosewood
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