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Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the cosmos with our 'Starry Night' Mala and Wristwear Set. This meticulously handcrafted piece is a tribute to the serene beauty of the night sky, where indigo hues and shadowy silhouettes bring forth a time of calm and balance.

Each bead in the 'Starry Night' Mala is carefully chosen for its unique aesthetic and color, symbolizing different aspects of the celestial wonder:

Bead Properties

  • Sodalite: A deep, celestial blue representing wisdom and intuition.
  • Lapis Lazuli: A rich, royal blue, known for its clarity-enhancing properties.
  • Druzy Agate: With its sparkling, earthy tones, it grounds your energy in the present moment.
  • Howlite: Its tranquil white hue encourages calmness and patience.
  • Crackled Blue Agate: Vibrant and intricately patterned, it mirrors the captivating night sky.
  • Sterling Silver Beads
  • Quartz Nugget Guru Bead
Enhanced with elegant Sterling Silver accents and Dragons, and crowned with a Quartz Nugget Guru Bead, the 'Starry Night' Mala is a masterpiece of artistry and design. It is the perfect choice for those who cherish the art of fine jewelry and the mesmerizing allure of the night. Experience this unique, artisan-crafted mala and let it be a symbol of elegance and serenity in your life.


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