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Oceanic Tranquility Mala and Energy Wristwear Set
Experience the calming and grounding energy of the sea with our "Oceanic Tranquility" mala and energy wristwear set. Each bead has been thoughtfully chosen to represent the different elements of the ocean, from the iridescent light of the moon to the gentle waves and rugged terrain of the shore.

As you wear this set, allow yourself to enter into a meditative state and reflect on the peace and tranquility that the ocean brings. Each wave that washes over you will help to wash away your worries, and in this grounded space, your creativity and manifesting abilities will be amplified.

Crafted with Mother of Pearl, Moonstone, Montana Agate, Tridacna Shell, and Dendritic Gold Quartz, our "Oceanic Tranquility" is a beautiful reminder of the beauty and magic of the sea. Wear it daily to connect with the calming energy of the ocean and experience a sense of inner peace and tranquility.

BEAD Properties

  • MOTHER OF PEARL - Adaptability, Sensitivity, Intuition
    Solar Plexus, Throat
  • MONTANA AGATE Strength, Stability, Manifesting
  • MOONSTONE Balance, Stability, Reflection
  • TRIDACNA SHELL Balances, Calms, Protects
  • DENDRITIC GOLD QUARTZ Aids Manifestation & Creativity, Amplifies Thoughts
  • JADE LOTUS FLOWER helping to filter your mind of distractions and keeping things in perspective. White Jade is a wonderful tool for those who struggle with decision making


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